If you’re wondering who pays for hospice care…

Creekside Hospice is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration, with few out-of-pocket costs to the patient. A VA physician must order an evaluation prior to election, and private insurance companies also are contacted for benefits and co-pays if any are discussed prior to selection of our care.

The Medicare hospice benefit covers costs related to the terminal illness, including the services of the hospice team, medication, medical equipment and supplies. Medicare reimburses for different levels of hospice care, recognizing that sometimes patients require special attention.

Medications: The Medicare hospice benefit covers medications needed to treat the patient’s terminal illness. Creekside Hospice will order medications for you to get from the pharmacy or arrange for delivery. Medications for a condition not related to the terminal illness – allergy medication for example – are not covered by the hospice benefit.

Medical Supplies: The physician and nurse will work with the family to determine which medical supplies and equipment the patient needs. Generally most hospice providers will order equipment and have it delivered to the home.

A note about HMO’s

If you are enrolled in a Medicare HMO, no pre-authorization is required to elect Creekside Hospice. The benefit for hospice falls under Medicare only, and you maintain eligibility for your HMO benefits as in the aforementioned non-covered allergy medication example.  Further, Medicare regulations state you have the “Right” by federal law to choose your Medicare provider, which may be different from HMO insurance companies’ in network hospice.

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Medicare Hospice Benefits

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