What is Hospice?

The decision to begin hospice care is yours. The discussion generally begins between you and your primary care doctor. We understand that hospice is a personal choice and should be made when you or your loved ones feel it is time to focus on comfort rather than cure. Research shows that hospice care is most beneficial when started early, with many of our patients and families telling us they wish they had chosen hospice care sooner.

Hospice care is about understanding your feelings, anticipating your needs, while supporting the choices you and your loved ones make. We consider every one individually and find the best possible type of care or support needed. Hospice care is about facing the end of your life on your terms, and partnered with a team of caregivers uniquely trained to help you do just that.

H – O – S – P – I – C – E

H = Help

When it is needed most

O = Options

Because you have treatment choices: where, when, why and how

S = Support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

P = Peace

Of mind, body and spirit through individualized pain and symptom control, nursing care, spiritual and emotional counseling, and guidance

I = Independence

Respecting and fulfilling your treatment choices

C = Compassion

Providing the care you need to make you feel safe and help lessen your worries

E = Empathy

Understanding your feelings, anticipating your needs, supporting you and your loved ones