What are the different levels of hospice care?

Most hospice patients live at home or in a nursing home. Routine home hospice care covers the services of the interdisciplinary hospice team, medications and equipment. Other categories of care are available when needed.

Like people, the care we provide is ever-changing based on patients’ needs, the needs of their caregivers, and the Creekside Hospice staff.

  • Routine: Standard level of care given in the home, long-term care facility or assisted living facility. Care includes visits from the hospice nurse at times decided on between the admission nurse, patients and their loved ones, chaplain, social worker, and home health aides as well as 24-hour on call nursing support.

  • Inpatient Care: Sometimes despite our best efforts pain or symptoms cannot be controlled at home, and the patient or caregiver may ask to transfer to an inpatient care center. Alternately a contracted nursing facility also may be used on request so patients are in close proximity to loved ones. The timing of the inpatient stay is symptom-driven.

    The hospice doctor must feel this level of care is required and can document the need to Medicare or commence discharge planning. This planning occurs relatively soon after inpatient admissions; when symptoms are under control, we are mandated by Medicare to return patients to their home or wherever they were previously living. Our social worker will assist with this planning. Most insurance also usually covers the cost of inpatient room and board.

  • Respite Care: Many patients have their own caregivers, often family members. When caregivers need a rest from their care-giving responsibilities, patients can stay in a nursing home or hospice residential care center for up to five days. Medicare covers the cost of room and board, as do many insurance plans. Sometimes this benefit is used to develop an alternate plan.

  • Continuous Care: Sometimes a patient has a medical crisis that requires close medical attention. When this happens, we can arrange for inpatient care, or the Creekside staff will provide extended visits and hospice care in the home. When the crisis is over, the patient returns to routine home care.

For more information, call us at 702-650-7669 and ask for the Admissions Department. One of our information and referral specialists will coordinate with everyone involved to determine eligibility and make any necessary arrangements, even with your primary care doctor.